Employee, Contractor, & Temp Worker FAQ's

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Many of the common FAQ questions have already been answered on the services page when we explain what we do and how it works.  This page simply touches on a few points that were not addressed on that page.

Galveston County Staffing FAQ's

You mention employees, contractors, and temp workers often-what do each of these mean?

--Employee:  Another term often used with employee is "direct placement", this typically means that an employer is looking for an employee to fill a position, thus we attempt to directly place an individual into that role.  Employees/direct placements are usually longer term relationships with employers.  This is the relationship most people have with their employers.  A staffing company's role in this is to either find a job for a client, or fill a job for an employer: two sides of the same coin.

--Contractor:  We use the term contractor, or contract employee as someone who does not fall within the typical employee/employer relationship, this is sometimes also called corp-to-corp.  Lets say for example, a company wanted to develop some in-house software but did not want to utilize a 3rd party company, and also did not want to hire "permanent employees".  This is when the company would use contractors as a part of an in-house team created to bring this project to fruition, in this case say it was estimated to be a 12 month project.  At the end of the 12 months or at the end of the contract, this "contractor" would be free to pursue other ventures, and may even be offered a job at that company.

--Temp Worker:  We use the term temp-worker for short term positions that do not really involve any sort of definite time period.  An example of this might be a result of a sudden loss of an employee, and a temp would be called in to fill the void until a replacement is found.  Again, it is not uncommon for that company to make a job offer for solid temp-worker performance, though neither party is under any obligation to enter into this type of relationship.

Can you guarantee me a job in a short timeframe?

There is no such thing as a guarantee, but the more marketable your skills, and the more robust the industry that you are seeking to enter, the quicker you will be employed. Those two factors have a huge role to play regarding the probability of us finding you a qualified opportunity.  Much of our work is done by 3rd parties within our network, so the sooner we have your information and requirements, the sooner we can get our network of people, companies, and organizations searching for your next job or contract.

Why do other staffing companies and employers utilize your services?

As you know, there are thousands upon thousands of staffing companies, job boards, classifieds and websites all catering to the staffing industry, simply because businesses do not have the time to search for candidates, explore new job portals, filter qualified individuals, and so on.  It is for this reason that they often prefer to work with companies that specialize in the recruiting and placement of talent.  We are unique in that we are not just a staffing company who works with employers, rather we work with everybody, the competition included.  In this way we can truly offer our clients the best that there is out there.

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