Our Services

What we do & How it works

1.  What We Do

--We work with individuals (applicants, candidates, and contractors) to plug them into job openings, contract work, or temp work.

--We work directly with employers to assist them in filling their positions (jobs, contracts, temp work) as they become available.

--We work directly with staffing agencies to assist in filling their clients' openings.  We also leverage the placement agents within these other firms to find our applicants work/jobs.

--We monitor countless online and offline resources pertaining to the Houston metro area and Galveston County.  We aggregate this data, run it through our database, and then attempt to match qualified people with employment opportunities that might interest them.

2.  How It Works

(1)  The first step is for you to submit your updated resume along with other basic contact information.  There is no cost, commitment, or obligation involved, and you can request that we delete any information that you have submitted at any time.

(2)  The second step is the stripping of identifiable information from this data for the purposes of sharing it with others, be them employers, organizations, or other staffing agencies.  We do this to ensure your privacy, as we only release the identifiable portion of your information upon your agreement to pursue a specific job offering, contract, or temp position.  This stripped information is typically your: name, address, phone, email, and LinkedIn profile.

(3) The third step is the sharing of your stripped/unidentifiable resume with others.  We get this information out to as many staffing companies and large employers as possible.  We act as the buffer between your privacy and 3rd party inquiries as to your availability.  During this step many staffing agencies and other organizations will be trying to find a qualified match, in the hopes of brokering your placement into a specific opportunity with us being the contact point.

(4) The forth step is when you are alerted to potential matches and opportunities.  During this step you will decide which opportunities you want to pursue.  The employers or 3rd party staffing companies of the ones you choose to pursue will be able to review your formal resume, application and supporting data.

(5) The fifth step involves you directly: this may involve a phone interview, an in-person interview, negations, a possible background check and so on (typical pre-employment verification and activities).

(6) The sixth step involves your acceptance or denial of the position.  At this point the job search is over, or just starting again.

No Cost, Commitment, or Obligation; Cancel at any time

We make our services as simple and straightforward as possible.  We do not lock you in to exclusive representation, nor do we charge you a fee for our services.  Our business model is to offer you the most in terms of freedoms, options, and resources; this is why we work with everyone to not box you in.  Your success is our success!  Get started today by submitting your basic information and resume.  We look forward to working together.

Getting Started

Get Started Finding Your Next Opportunity

Filling out our online information profile is quick and easy!  We just need your basic contact information, a description of the type of work or employment that you desire, a resume and/or C/V, and a headshot (if possible).


No Cost, No Obligation

We do not limit your options, we magnify them.  get started Today!

What is stopping you?   Is it cost?...there is no cost.  Is it commitment?...there is no commitment.  Is it exclusive representation?...there is no contract, work with whomever else you want.  Is it that personal information is asked for?...we do not ask for anything outside of contact info and job history.  As you can see, there really is no reason not to work with us!  Today is the day, now is the time, submit your resume now.